deimon slagg


Deimon Slagg is an actor. Here is a link to his page on IMDB

In November and December of 2021, he performed a one man adaptation of Dickens Christmas Carol by D.D. Delaney. It was produced by RuminariLive in Beaumont, Alberta, under the direction of Dr. Hunter Gates. It was well received by audiences there. Deimon hopes to have the opportunity of working with Dr. Gates again, and would encourage any interested in physical theatre to sign up for her academy when it is in session.

Photo: James Tarrant, 2021

His best picture to date would have to be Connecting Flights. It's available from amazon.

You can visit the film's facebook page and follow its adventures there. Our leading lady picked a best actress award at the Stockholm City Film Festival which makes me very happy as she was a joy to work with (Congrats Madison!), and it won best feature narrative at the Great Lakes International Film Festival for 2021.

Slagg (oops, forgot for a second I'm referring to myself in the third person) also had a small part in a movie called John, 316. It has done well at the festivals. Here is the trailer.

And he also had a small part in a movie called Cor Values. Here is the trailer (at 0:43 you can see the side of his head for a fraction of a second).

Slagg was also blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the "Godfather of Gore" Herschell Gordon Lewis in a small part in his last film before he passed, Bloodmania. Warning, this trailer is (not surprisingly) gory.

And Deimon Slagg has done other things as well which you can learn about at IMDB if you like. Or if you would like a film resume or theatre resume or to be added to the slagglist, just drop him a line at He is represented in Alberta by RJ Talent, and elsewhere by Lucas Talent in Vancouver. Thanks for visiting.