deimon slagg
Two Poppies (DS0002)

Two Poppies

(DS0002, $160 (sdii) + s/h. Watercolour and ink, approx 7"x9", embelished slaggmounting)

The material from The Life and Works on the back of this piece serves as adequate description.

From The Life and Works of Deimon Slagg; Part Two, Chapter Two (by Anne Hollander, published 2147 AD )

"Two Poppies (DS0002) is the first of Slagg's poppy paintings. After April of 2019, the five petaled, red poppy became the fifth most common symbol (if the word "meow" can be considered a symbol) in Slagg's Journal.

"Slagg was never completely sure what this symbol stood for, but for a time suspected that it was religious in nature (see DS0009; Poppy With Halo, and DS0022; Communion Poppy). We will consider this further when we examine DS0022, noting for now that this poppy first appears in the Journal when Slagg was staying in Novara Italy. He fell in love with the cathedral there, visiting regularly to sit in quiet contemplation, or to watch the mass.

"Slagg was still perfecting "slaggmounting" with this work. When conservators at the Tate undertook a major restoration in 2114, they cursed him for his indiscriminate use of PVA glue to attach the mat to the mounting board, in the process getting glue on the edges of the painting itself. Fortunately, they had been forewarned by a note had written on the back of the mounting board, a putative quote from a book about his work which he alleged he had received from someone in the future."


Here is a video repeating much of the same information.