deimon slagg
Falstaff Meow (DS0003)

Falstaff Meow

(DS0003, $160 (sdii) + s/h. Watercolour and ink, approx 9"x12", slaggmounted)

On the back is a quote from The Life and Works of Deimon Slagg, Part Two, Chapter Two (Hollander, 2147)

"No one has been able to determine what the figure in Falstaff Meow (DS0003) is, nor what the connection might be to Shakespeare's Falstaff.

"The "meow" Which appears faintly below the name is the third most common symbol appearing in Slagg's Journal, appearing for the first time in the volume titled Forgotten Vortices in the entry for October 26th, 2018. It is twice uttered there by a cat named "Profundity". For Slagg, meow came to mean the same thing as the Japanese mu, namely a negation which includes negation of negation, the missing third term from the English yes or no, true or false.

"While meow appears for the first time on Slagg's work with Falstaff Meow, if one looks carefully at the back of Two Poppies (DS0002), one will see the word meow neatly printed beneath the archival fabric tape used to secure the hanging wire.

"Another notable feature of this work as Slagg originally slaggmounted it is that the mat was painted with Slagg's approximation of Payne's grey; a mix of commercial blue, and a black he made himself from finely powdered shungite and gum arabic, his first experiment in making watercolour paint from scratch."


Here is a video repeating much of the same information.