deimon slagg
Poppy Queen

Poppy Queen

by Deimon Slagg (DS0004, 2020)
$120 (sdii) + s/h. Mixed media, approx 3" x 4"

Faux frame simulating the plaster/gilt frames of days of yore -- it's actually a three dimensional element like the poppy, but built up on the mat -- there is a cut mat beneath the paper clay and plaster and paint and leaf and all.

Mixed media: card, acrylic, paper clay, plaster, ink, watercolour, oil paint, oil based size, aluminum leaf, fixative, soluvar gloss varnish, and one Canadian dime.

Small piece to test materials and processes for a later piece, DS0006, The Kitty and the Queen.

First appearance in DS series of 3d elements, use of found objects (dime), and metal leaf.


The 3d aspect of the piece comes across better in video.